The Middleville Agricultural Society

proudly presents the annual

Middleville Agricultural Fair

Saturday September 19, 2015


Middleville Agricultural Society

4189 Wolf Grove Road

Lanark, ON

K0G 1K0

2015 Annual General Meeting

We would like to invite everyone to attend the Middleville Agricultural Society's Annual General Meeting on Wednesday January 21, 2015. The meeting will be held at the Middleville United Church at 7pm.

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who attended the fair in 2014, dispiste the rainy weather.

The Society is actively seeking more volunteers to assist throughout the year (especially at Fair time). If you wish to help, please contact a Board Member or call our Secretary, Audrey, at 613-257-5050.

Class lists for the 2015 Middleville Fair will be posted int he coming weeks. Please check back often for updates. Note: in the event of any difference between this website and the official Prize Book, the Prize Book will be considered final.